Thursday, December 15, 2011

Olympic Weightlifting at BGSU

by Atomic Athletic on Thursday, December 15, 2011 at 5:06pm

BGSU has some nice Olympic weightlifting. The coaching staff actually teaches technique and you can see it in every lift.

I doubt you can find a collegiate strength coach today who would say they don't do some variation on the Olympic lifts. I also know that you would be hard pressed to be able to actually walk in to see their technique and how they teach their athletes. I have seen technique that is all over the map. That's to be expected by freshmen, but for upperclassmen, it can be scary. This is reflected in their equipment.

If you want to focus on your Olympic lifts then you need decent equipment. No one would expect a football player to go out on game day with a broken helmet. Yet, I will see coaches using forcing their athletes to do power cleans with bars that have ends that are seized up and don't rotate. Worse yet, that bar might have only one end that rotates. That is simply dangerous.

I highly recommend the Iron Grip IWF Spec Olympic Bar. For those of you who went to the clinic last weekend, that is the bar you saw at BGSU in the Olympic lifting area. That great rotation you felt, was because of the German needle bearings in the ends. Nice stuff. It makes for quick turnover on clean and snatch movements.

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