Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Specials Page Updates

by Atomic Athletic on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 1:58pm ·

Yes, Atomic Athletic does do Specials! 

I get a lot of people asking if we have Specially discounted items and packages that will give a discount.  The answer is, “Yes. We do Specials.” 

I know you have been wanting to start doing neck training like an Kushti wrestler, so the Stone Wheel, traditionally called a Gar Nal, is a tool you will want to explore.  There is nothing else like it.  They are made of solid, honed smooth granite.   
Here is the link to the Specials Page with the discounted Gar Nal: 

Summer will officially be here in less than 2 weeks, so we have discounted our York T-shirt & Hat Combo Pack.  Get now, while the getting is good: 

Education is key to getting the most out of your gym time, so put up some Instructional Wall Charts to help your stone lifting.  Here is that link: 

Check these Specials out right now.  There are several more there as well!
When we sell out of our stocked specials, they will disappear from that page.

Live strong,
Roger LaPointe

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lean Mass Building Workouts

Summer is a time when you want to just pack on some great, quick lean mass.  Try out this two workout combination.  Take a day of rest between these workouts.  There is a lot of lower body work here and you will feel it the next day.  You will really feel it the day after Workout B.  Give yourself two days of rest after Workout B, or just do some easy jogging or medicine ball work.

Workout A
Bodyweight Squats 3 sets of 10
Front Squat 3 sets of 10
Back Squat 5 sets of 5 up to 60%
Stiff Leg Deadlift 5 sets of 5 - see how high you can go using perfect form.  You may hit 300 #, which would be great
Iron Boot Leg Ext. 2 sets of 20
Iron Boot Hanging Leg Curl 2 sets of 20
Hanging Frog Crunches 3 sets of 10

Workout B
Body weight squats
5 sets of 6 depth jumps
Isometrics in the power rack: Squat, Standing Press, Deadlift, Bench - in that order

Live strong,
Roger LaPointe

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Time to Hit the Beach

by Atomic Athletic on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 3:19pm ·

Late night TV is never so good as when it is time to hit the beach!  I love it.

We have our own video.  One regular customer, named Andy, said, “Disturbingly funny!  I couldn't stop watching it...  How do you come up with this stuff?”

So there I was, up late with the new cat we just adopted.  The show I was watching ended and up comes the shot of super hot women wearing next to nothing and drenched in enough fake sweat to make the director of “Airplane” proud. These DVDs had the best name I have seen in years, which I am changing here to “Craziness”.  It made all the usual claims about losing huge amounts of weight in a very short time, etc.  You know the commercial.  It seems like there is a new one every week and they are all the same.

I have been on sets where they film those commercials.  I have known some of the actors.  I have even worked with some of the producers and business owners who put that stuff together.  Their formula sells DVDs.  It's amazing that there are so many people who fall for it.  You know all those tricks that you suspect?  You probably don't know the half of it, but you do know the real secret.  If you are reading an Atomic Athletic Bomb Proof Bulletin, then you know the secret.

The real secret is no secret at all.  Every one of those producers, writers and actors know the secret too.  The secret is hard work over a long period of time.  Sure, there are details where we can all constantly work at improving our methods of getting “strong & sexy”, or whatever the infomercials claim, but it starts with hard work.

I have been getting a lot of questions about who the guy is in the background cover photo of my book, “Traditional Training Legendary Strength”.  Everyone says the same thing, “That guy looks old school tough.  Is he some buddy of yours from the 60's?  What was he taking?”  Well, I know that guy took the long road and was all natural.  I know because the photo was taken nearly a hundred years ago.  His name is Bobby Pandour.  The full photo is on page 13.

Learn how to get powerful and strong in the most efficient ways possible.  Work hard.  Keep training hard for the entire long road.  Remember to believe what you already know.  It is possible to naturally become incredibly strong and tough, you just have to stick to it and constantly work at improvement.  

Knowing the secret, WE can confidently hit the beach.  Later, we can go back to laughing at the late night infomercials.  
Enjoy the beach.

Live strong,
Roger LaPointe

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dropping In

by Atomic Athletic on Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 4:39pm ·

Word is getting around that Atomic Athletic is more than just a web site.  We are having customers just dropping in to pick items up every day now.  Here is the page for our showroom:

Sure, we are right next to the railroad tracks, in an ancient auto factory, but what could be more appropriate?  We are only an hour's drive south of Detroit and no more than 15 minutes from the south side of Toledo, OH, if you hit every light...

Everybody loves the showroom, but they really want to see the warehouse and the warehouse gym.  To say that the gym is minimalist, would not really be accurate.  For the space, I have a ton of stuff there.  Of course, most of it is basic traditional strength training tools, like the “Olympic lifting” platform and weights, stone balls, padlocks, Indian clubs, ropes, etc.  In fact, the only two machines are an Atlantis plate loading leg extension and a giant antique scale. Everyone loves that scale!

We have also really worked hard at getting a nice selection of our most popular items on hand and available for pick up.

Just yesterday, a new customer, Heath, came up from Lima, OH.  He was able to get a set of Allen Collars, a Factory 2nd Wrenchless Screw Collar Set, a pair of Kettlebell Handles and a pair of 20” Long Dumbbell Handles.  Everything he wanted was in stock.  Perfect.

However, just showing up without calling first is a bit of a risk.  I encourage everyone to do it.  The phone number is (419)352-5100.  Yet, if you don't have your phone and you happen to just be driving by on I-75 and you see Exit 181, we are less than a mile from the exit, in the Progress Industrial Park on the corner of Lehman and Manville.

Hope to see you soon.
Live strong,
Roger LaPointe

PS.  There is stuff in the store that is NOT on the site.  The web site is a constantly growing selection of products we have available

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Coney Island Closed

by Atomic Athletic on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 3:46pm ·

I have never been to Coney Island, but I always wanted to go.  I just figured that is would always be there...   I even lived on Long Island for a year.  Unfortunately, the carnival is closing.

Sure, I love to go to fairs and carnivals.  I even worked a Jacob's Ladder event and can still climb one to this day.  Here is the real reason I wanted to go to Coney Island.  My buddy, Vic Boff, worked a booth on the Coney Island board walk as a strongman with his buddy Charlie Phelan, during the 30's.  They are no longer with us, but I always thought I might be able to visit the long standing carnival where they performed.

Make sure you don't miss out on history.

You can get a copy of Vic's book here:

In addition to Vic's masterpiece of a training manual, we also have some great footage of Vic talking about equipment and memorabilia at the Association of Olde Time Barbell & Strongmen dinner, which he started.

So, yesterday was the last day for Coney Island's Astroland, which was the bulk of what is considered the Coney Island carnival.  You can check out more details about Coney Island at many different places on the web, but this is my little tribute.  

Remember the performing strongmen of the past, especially Vic Boff, as without men like Vic we would not have the weightlifting of today.

Live strong,
Roger LaPointe

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dip Station Fun

by Atomic Athletic on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 12:34pm ·

I love dips.  They really are the upper body squat, but have you ever thought about the lower body options for your dip station?

My buddy Dr. Ken Leistner gave me the idea for this great little series of exercises.  First put on your Iron Boots and you probably won't need any extra weight, at least the first couple times you do this series.  Now go to your dip bars and get in the full upright top of the movement.  If your triceps are really strong, you may not have to lock your elbows, but I will leave that up to you.

If you don't know what Iron Boots are, then go to this link:

1. Alternate Knee Raises – 2 sets of 15 Make sure to point your toes at the bottom of the movement and fully flex those shins at the top of the movement.  This is a tibia dorsi-flexion with the foot.  It won't seem like much at first, but later in the day you might really feel it, particularly if you try running after your lifting.  
2. Leg Curl – 2 sets of 15 This will hit the entire posterior chain of muscles ligaments and tendons.
3. Knee Raises – 2 sets of 15 You will do both legs at the same time and make sure to get those lower abs at the top of the movement.

This series of exercises is really great for any athlete, but especially so for anyone who needs sprinting power or kicking power.

If you want to see more classic strongman leg training with just Iron Boots and a Barbell, check out the Atomic Athletic Leg Development DVD at this link:

Live strong,
Roger LaPointe

Friday, May 25, 2012

Bull Moose Thick Bar Training

by Atomic Athletic on Friday, May 25, 2012 at 12:22pm ·

Thick bar training is really becoming popular.  Check out the photo of this amazing thick bar we are selling, then check out this great little workout.

Here is a very simple workout, but fantastic workout for your entire body, that will also fry your forearms and grip.  All you need is a thick bar and plates, preferably they should be bumper plates.

  1. Warm-up with a little jogging and/or Indian Club swinging
  2. Thick Bar Hang Cleans 5 sets of 5
  3. Thick Bar Power Clean & Press 5 sets of 5
  4. Thick Bar High Pulls 3 sets of 3 (You should really be feel this in your forearms by now.)
  5. Thick Bar Deadlifts 5 sets of 2
  6. Thick Barbell Curls 3 sets of 10
  7. Roman Chair Sit-ups 5 sets of 10
  8. Stretch, especially the hands, wrists and forearms
This will be sound very strange, but start your first hang cleans with just the empty bar.  Add weight with every set and don't remove any weight until you get to the curls.  You will have to make small jumps in weight as you are doing 18 sets.  When you get to the deadlifts, use a conventional grip and you will be maxing out on that last set.  It will really help to have a thick bar that rotates when you are doing the Olympic type movements.

Our Thick Grip Bar will make you feel strong as a Bull Moose!

Live strong,
Roger LaPointe